CONNECT Contemporary Dance Festival was created as a journey through the spaces of the city, where contemporary dance stops, inspires, animates and changes perspectives.

  • Thursday, 17 June

11.00 – Connect Workshops (9-13 ani)

18.30, 19.30 – Connect Urban Performance  @Piața Mihai Viteazul

21.30 – Connect Performance:  Scuze, noi! @Teatrul de Vară 

22.30 – Connect Films. International Shorts: Man-made vs. Nature @Teatrul de Vară

  • Friday, 18 June

11.00 – Connect Workshops (14-18 ani)

18.30, 19.30 – Connect Urban Performance @ Piața William Shakespeare (TNC)

21.30 – Connect Performance:  Lux @Teatrul de Vară 

22.30 – Connect Films. International Shorts: The Pursuit of Happiness @Teatrul de Vară

  • Saturday, 19 June

14.00, 19.00 – Connect Urban Performance @ Parcul Nicolae Romanescu

21.30 – Connect Films. Romanian Shorts: Concrete Territories @Biergarten

  • Sunday, 20 June

14.00, 19.00 – Connect Urban Performance @Parcul Nicolae Romanescu

20.30 – Connect Performance: Spectacol invitat, @Teatrul de Vară

21.30 – Connect Performance: Connecting Pleasures @Teatrul de Vară

22.30 – Connect Films: International Shorts: Moving Stories @Teatrul de Vară

The city of Craiova turns into a meeting point for the public and innovative choreographers, performers and musicians. The street, the stage and the big screen capture them in motion and invite you to experience the transformative energy of dance.


Scuze, noi! - contemporary dance performance(1h, 2018)

Constantly bombarded with information that competes to grab our attention, by exaggerating its importance and seriousness, we forget to take a step back and watch detachedly what is happening around us.

We dance through the entire performance. All kinds of styles. We talk about the duality and hypocrisy of people, about the seriousness and comedy in their lives, in our lives.

We do not rule out. We talk about pointless contemporary dance, without any meaning, dramatic and sometimes fueled by clichés. We ironize the whole movement of minimal, conceptual and undisciplined dance, without any form, but especially without substance. We defuse the situations through irony, laughter and the illustration of a reality of dance known only on the inside. We deconstruct each dance created in the performance, we reduce it to its original form, in order to show how empty its purpose is: no feelings and no emotions.

Choreography and performance: Stoica Filip, Răzvan Rotaru

Music: Adrian Piciorea

Photos: Liviu Buzățel

LUX – contemporary dance performance
(55 min, 2021)

Imagine that starting tomorrow, darkness becomes illegal. Life is safe and comfortable. You are encouraged to be honest and open. You are given the chance to grow each day. Each person has a role to play in achieving a common goal: stability.

Interaction of the bodies is intermediated, in order to optimize relationships. Everything is simplified, your movement is guided for an ideal management of your effort. The burden of responsibility disappears.

"Lux" is a contemporary dance performance about a seemingly functional system, but lacking interest and real solutions to the problems it itself generates for people.

Performers/Choreographers: Simona Dabija, Mariana Gavriciuc, Filip Stoica, Camelia Neagoe

Music: Adrian Piciorea

Voice: Oana Predescu

Text: Adrian Ionescu

Lighting Design: Daniel Buglea

Scenography: Andreea Săndulescu

Costumes Design: Noir Morphosis

Connecting Pleasures - contemporary dance performance

(55 min, 2020)

Connecting Pleasures started as a subjective inquiry on pleasure – the way each and everyone perceives it. By interviewing different people, we gathered ideas which we used to expand our exploratory processes, by letting our bodies absorbed and rehash the information. The performance becomes the actor`s personal interpretation and it must be internalized as such.

Concept and choreography: Lavinia Urcan,  Beatrice Tudor

With: Oana Antonovici, Alexandru Pîntea, Raul Lăzărescu, Beatrice Tudor

Music: Ovidiu Zimcea

Video: Cristian Văduva

Costumes: Maria Dombrov



Presented by DANCE CINEMA ORGANISATION, Curator: Melissa Ramos


24:46, 2020, USA
D&C:  Lawrence Fung  


Kapsule investigates the relationship between environmental psychology and movement and strategically selects distinctive places to depict specific timelines, including childhood, past, present, future, and afterlife.


10:42, 2019, France

D&C: Fu Le 


The Last Children is a choreographic film made in a single-shot with the children of a French village school on the eve of its closing. Through a metaphorical fable, it bears witness to the achievement of the desertification in the rural world and of its villages


10:07, Sweden

D: Tove Skeidsvoll, Petrus Sjövik

C: Tove Skeidsvoll


Cecilia dances through a forest but is suddenly surrounded by the ‘unfamiliar’.

The forest is not what it appears to be, finding her way, this dance film is a tale about

taking back her world.

international shorts: The Pursuit of happiness

Co-presented by Bucharest International Dance Film Festival


6:29, 2020, UK

D: Jessica Wright, Morgann Runacre-Temple

C: Jessica Wright, Morgann Runacre-Temple

Do YOU want to live happily ever after? Find the shoe, outplay your opponents, and beat the clock to claim the prize!

A group of contestants battle it out in a competitive game show, each one desperate to prove they are the real Cinderella in order to win their very own Happy Ever After.


13:30, 2020, Canada

D: Marlene Millar

C: Sandy Silvia

Set in the spectacular Burren region of the west coast of Ireland, Navigation explores the current humanitarian crisis of displacement and dislocation that is experienced both individually and collectively. Using the land itself to explore how we navigate through unknown terrain, themes of survival and perseverance, departure and renewal emerge in a nuanced and layered interpretation of the migration experience. The rhythms, movement, vocals and landscape define and embody this exploration, featuring the performances of 10 dancers, singers and a choir of 40 participants.


8:34, 2020, USA / Spain

D: Tuixén Benet

C: Tuixén Benet, Àngela Boix

Through a dialogue between movement and landscape, Lazarus reflects on the objectification of the woman body in film. The famous quote by Edgar Allan Poe ”the death of a beautiful woman is, unquestionably, the most poetical topic in the world” triggers a succession of falls and recoveries that escape the poetic by trying too hard to find it.


5:00, 2019, UK

D: Klaas Diersman

C: Pepa Ubera

Technology is rewiring our brains and changing both our physical movements and inner thought processing. Divided We Scroll is an experimental and eerie depiction of our intimate relationships with these technologies, which have become obsessive, compulsive and divisive. Through contemporary dance, we explore the chilling reality of a constantly connected world where data and software is continuing to redefine us within an increasingly complex technological network.


10:27, 2020, UK

D: Fabiola Santana, Will Dickie

C: Fabiola Santana, Will Dickie

Canning Town is a dance film shot beneath its street lights, capturing desolate cityscapes that will soon no longer be there. House prices continue to rise and the redevelopers of East London are steadily encroaching from all sides. Fabiola Santana and her Mother Leah moved to Canning Town from Portugal in 2008. In 2018 they moved out. This film honours those 10 years by making a dance with the forces of union and separation – between two lovers, a mum and daughter, a country and its continent.

ROMANIAN SHORTS:  Concrete Territories


10:04, 2020

D & C: Simona Dabija

OPIA is a short dance film about living in a space guided by its own rules. It’s an utopian place where the dancers are behaving and moving based on inspirational life quotes.


6:28, 2020

D: Denisa Anastasiu, Maria-Luiza Dimulescu, Catalin Rugina

C: Denisa Anastasiu, Maria-Luiza Dimulescu

We can easily say that our life is a game, not an ordinary one where you can determine the story, the space and the characters, but a game which comes with opportunities and traps, with gains and losses, a game we have to play every second, a game in which we are rooted. Sometimes we choose the virtual space in order to escape reality, but in the end it turns out to be just a way to avoid the real game, our everyday life.


05:18, 2019

D & C: Camelia Neagoe

"Boot Camp" is a visual metaphor for the process of becoming, increasingly stepping out of childhood. It's an expression of reality creeping down on the imaginary, creating a claustrophobic, rigid atmosphere. It's about standing on the threshold between a place of illusory candor and one of darkening lonesomeness.  Oscillating between the comforting presence of her past self and the seemingly blank existence outside of her safe space, a girl comes into her adulthood.


04.05, 2020

R: Sabina Costinel, Eugen Curelici

C: Eugen Curelici

The basic idea that inspired me and I tried to emphasise was the contrast between the monochromatic frame that symbolizes a barren, inert, and devoid space, and the feelings or solicitude. In essence, these moods are, in fact, encased in the memorial energy that has remained imprinted in the midst of these painfully grey and cold walls.


04.50, Romania, 2019

D: Corina Andrian

C: Mariana Gavriciuc, Beatrice Tudor

Recorded moments of intimacy triggered by sudden vulnerable impulses. The audience is taken on a fleeting journey between two friends.


Presented by DANCE CINEMA ORGANISATION, Curator: Melissa Ramos


14:34, Sweden


D&C: Klara Elenius


Three friends living in a Scandinavia suburb. Tense and locked down between dream and reality.


12:08, Romania


D: Corina Andrian

C: Corina Andrian, Cristina Tudor, Lia Marin, Andrei Cătălin Nistor, Alessandro Piccato


The renewal of the year embodies the idealised perfect new beginning which is why humankind has always anticipated the arrival of the New Year (“Anul Nou”). However, the very first New day is already decaying and old with accumulated time and loss. Time rebirths annually, matures, ages and dies.


13.53, Canada


D: Rodrigo Campos

C: Farouche Collective


4 ~ is an exploration of a world initially marked by precision of movement and lack of emotion. Set in a minimalist world devoid of life 4 ~ unfolds through contemporary dance, unsettling sounds and surreal visuals.

partners and sponsors

Access to all events of the festival is free, within the capacity of the venues, in compliance with the prevention and protection measures imposed by the pandemic.

CONNECT Contemporary Dance Festival is organized by the Delazero Association, a group of young artists in the field of performing arts, film and music, who contribute to the development of the Romanian cultural sector through innovative projects, encouraging new forms of artistic expression and access to culture for various audiences. Regarding artistic direction, the association juggles the concept "from scratch", creating projects with a lively layer, unpredictable, adaptable and transformable. Our proposals focus on the social present and the individual ways of relating to it, as well as on the relationship between the artist and the community.

Partners: Romanian Opera Craiova, “Traian Demetrescu” House of Culture, Dance Cinema Organization, Bucharest International Dance Film Festival, Biergarten

Main sponsor: Decathlon Romania


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